Amplifying the Swedish Cancer society




Cancerfonden (The Swedish Cancer Society) works to beat cancer faster through financing the best cancer research in Sweden. Having a distinct visual expression already, Plan8 got the opportunity to help define the sonic brand identity including a signature sound, music theme and guidelines on how to select music for the various types of films they produce.

Cancerfonden music theme



A feeling of hope and urgency

The music theme represents Cancerfonden as a brand and is meant to evoke emotions when telling stories through social media films, events, seminars and podcasts. The music theme contains three parts to cater to Cancerfondens wide range of narratives, covering subjects from science and innovation to information and support, as well as portraits of people affected by cancer. These different parts of the music theme emphasize different emotions, but they all carry a feeling of hope and a sense of urgency.

String recording

Signature sound

The signature sound is a phrase of the music theme cut out to create instant brand recognition on visual and non-visual touch-points. On visual touch-points, the signature sound is played in sync with the logo animation, and on audio platforms such as in podcasts, it’s used as a lead-in or lead-out for conversation subjects or the entire episode.

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