Sonic brand elements for a classic drink

About the case

Chocolate milk brand Cocio (in Sweden known as “Pucko”) asked Plan8 to create a brand sound and music that could work across TVCs, social media content and owned channels. They imagined a hero-score where melody and instrumentation could be tweaked to fit different outputs while still being recognizable, coherent across media and consistent beyond campaigns.

The signature rythm

With the "plop"

Instead of a melody we created a catchy and memorable rhythm

The Cocio hero rhythm

The sound logotype is often a key asset for a brand to create brand recognition. It’s typically a short melodic phrase played at the end of the TV-ad. For Cocio we decided to go a different route...

Instead of a melody we created a distinct rhythmic phrase. The "Cocio hero rhythm" enables flexibility at integration with different musical styles, tempos and key signatures. It’s easily adjusted for different media and can be played out using percussive instruments, claps, snaps or in combination with sfx’s. It also allows to be “melodized” using tonal instruments if the context so requires.

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